Learning To Paint – On A Budget

Are you a painting student on a budget? Like most artists (except perhaps for Jim Carrey and George Bush) I am frugal with art supplies. Not only do their prices climb up every year, there’s no need to waste what I already have. Some students have asked me to describe my favorite tricks for saving money on supplies, and so I have decided to write about it in a tongue-in-cheek way. Where should we aim to cut costs? Ok. Let’s think of two kinds of learners. There is the student who is deciding whether painting is something they will like, and there is the student who already does a fair amount of painting during vacations, classes and workshops. If you are figuring out if painting is for you, keep it a secret. Don’t let your relatives or close friends pick out your gear or ...Read More

Guide to Acrylic Mediums and Additives

Acrylic paints also come in a variety of consistencies, from liquid to heavy body. Simply put, mediums are the substances that maintain the integrity of your paint, while additives are the substances that alter the integrity of your paint. For more information, check out Golden or the Liquitex Resource Page. Acrylic mediums can change the consistency of your paint. They come all the way from pouring (liquid) consistency to heavy gel, which needs to be scooped out of the jar with a spatula. Gel or matte media are often mixed in with pigments to prevent or increase gloss while maintaining the flexibility of acrylic paint. This is why you should avoid adding water to increase transparency, because water increases the brittleness of hardened acrylic paint. Use water only to rinse your brushes....Read More


I am a total beginner (or a more experienced painter). Should I take your classes? Yes! Not only will you receive individualized attention in a small class setting, you’ll also receive the full benefit of Rebeca’s 10+ years of experience teaching painting to adults and teens alike. Every week, you will receive the agenda for next class and a reminder of any work to be done in advance. What else do I get with my enrollment fee? In addition, enrolled students receive access to the private part of this site with their registration fee. After logging on they can download instructional materials, post photos of their work, watch related videos, read in-depth articles, and carry out conversations with peers or with their instructor in a forum. Do I have to enroll online? Although I would prefer ...Read More