Plein Air at Point Molate Beach Park

Selecting pigments for a Bay Area landscape. Limited palettes.

About Point Molate Beach Park
Beautiful Point Molate Beach Park features a closeup view of the San Rafael Bridge and the small islands closer to shore. The beach is serene, surrounded by Monterrey pines and bare hills of undeveloped Point Molate. It was recently restored by the City of Richmond. There is lots of shade and ample parking, but no bathrooms and no running water. If you really need to pee, there are secluded areas. BYO TP.

Directions to Point Molate Beach Park
Take 580 towards San Rafael but get off at the last exit before the bridge on Stenmark Dr. Proceed through Stenmark Dr being careful to stay left of a fork you will soon run into after the ramp. After that you will pass a large brick building to your left and later what looks like abandoned houses to your right. The brick building is Winehaven, a wine bottling plant from the turn of the 20th century. The abandoned houses belonged to the US Navy. Keep going. Continue on past Castro Point until you see the public beach’s small entrance to your right, with an easy to miss sign. I will place a sandwich sign on the road pointing to the entrance, to make the entrance easy to spot.

If using GPS, please enter “Point Molate Beach Park.”

Plein Air at the Blake Garden

Get to know each other, review of materials, supplies and gear. Goals for the class. How to find a good spot and begin a plein air painting.

How to Get To The Blake Garden at 70 Rincon Rd, Kensington, CA and Avoid the Very Steep Streets Leading Directly To It:

From Berkeley, Emeryville, Oakland, SF and San Leandro:
Take 80 and get off on Buchanan, which turns into Marin. Cross San Pablo Ave and continue going up until you hit The Fountain at The Circle. Go around and enter Arlington Blvd. Once you pass Kenyon Ave, watch for the Kensington Public Library to your right. Make a left on Rincon and go all the way, almost to the end where you will see a wall with the very discrete garden’s entrance.


From Richmond, El Cerrito, San Pablo, Pinole El Sobrante:
Get to San Pablo Ave at Barrett. Go up Barrett and make a right on Arlington Blvd. Once you pass Moeser Ln, watch for the Kensington Public Library to your left. Make an extreme left on Rincon and go all the way, almost to the end where you will see a wall with the very discrete garden’s entrance. Find your way to the reflecting pool, where we will spend the first hour. 

East Bay Landscape Show

Beginning July 3rd, I will be showing a selection of my oil and acrylic landscapes featuring our East Bay coastline. They are closed on Wednesdays, Sundays, and on Saturday mornings. Please check their hours before you go.

Plein Air Wednesdays Session 7

Foreground, middle ground, background. Aerial perspective.

This magic lake features dozens of shaded “nooks” for curious painters to discover. A cart or a backpack will be necessary, to traverse the five minutes of stairs, paved and dirt paths to the lake’s edge. There are bathrooms and a drinking water fountain close by. Most cell phones do not get good reception. If you have never been, print the 2nd page of this paper map and bring it with you at Tilden

Directions To Lake Anza

No exact address is provided by Tilden Regional Park. The exact GPS Coordinates are  37.89700°N / 122.25359°W

The lake is located at the end of Lake Anza Rd, at the very last Lake Anza parking lot. In fact this particular Lake Anza parking lot is the only thing that shows on a Google map. Or look at the 2nd page of this Tilden Park map. 

Come early. It might take you longer to get there. If you are late, cross the green flat area next to the parking lot and go towards the levee. We will be at the other side of the levee.

If coming from Richmond, el Cerrito, Berkeley or Albany:
Tell your Google to take you to 600 Parkside Ct. This private home is located next to the  Canon Dr’s entrance, which is off the Grissly Peak and Spruce intersection. We’ll use it as a way to tell your phone to get you to Canon Dr. Descend on Canon Dr into Tilden Park until you see a Lake Anza sign pointing to your left. After that many of you will lose your cell phone’s reception so follow these directions. The road to your left is Central Park Drive, but there might not be a sign. Make a left on Central Park Drive. You’ll see a succession of signs naming picnic areas and trailheads. They are (in this order): Big Leaf, Lone Oak, Meadows, Stream, Fern. Pass the Merry-Go-Round sign. Turn left on Lake Anza. Once you are on Lake Anza Rd, pass Buckeye and Brook to get to the Lake Anza parking lot at the very end of the road.

If coming from Emeryville, Oakland, Lafayette:

The Shasta Rd entrance at 1180 Park Hills Rd, Berkeley is your best bet. There is a map here. Go north on Grizzly Peak, then turn right on Shasta Rd. Make an immediate left on Park Hills Rd. Stay to the left at the fork on Park Hills Rd. Continue on Park Hills Rd, then cross Wildcat Canyon by making a right and an immediate left onto Central Park Dr. There may not be a sign. Go left until you get to the multiple intersection. Make an extreme right on Lake Anza Rd and pass Buckeye and Brook signs. We’ll meet at the Lake Anza parking lot at the very end of the road.

Plein Air Wednesdays Session 5

Determining a focal point for your composition.

Directions To Meeker Slough
Take 580 towards the San Rafael Bridge. Get off on Marina Bay Parkway. Cross Regatta Blvd and continue through the Marina Bay development. Turn left onto Bayside Dr. Our meeting location is the round end of Bayside Dr, where there are approximately ten parking spaces for visitors of the Marina Bay development. Park there, or if this small lot is full, park along Bayside. We will walk together to Meeker Slough.

Important Note
Please keep in mind that the address is for the house closest to the parking lot where we will meet and that GPS will take you elsewhere if you follow the GPS alone. Follow the written instructions once you get to Richmond, and you will find the parking lot very easily.

The closest bathrooms are located at Shimada Park, five minutes away via Bay Trail.

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