CalCreate Lesson 1: Impasto

PDF Version: calcreate_lesson_1 Introduction  Impasto is a technique for painting that relies on very thick paint. It is easy to make marks on impasto’s thick but soft surface. Many 20th century artists relied on impasto. One of them was Horace Pippin. Duration for Adults: 1 – 1.5 hrs Adult Objectives: Recognize impasto in other paintings. Complete one or more impasto paintings. Duration for Teens: Two sessions of 45 min to 1 hr Teen Objectives: Mix colors using thick paint. Complete one impasto painting. Recognize impasto in other paintings. Duration for Children: One 30 min session for motivation and procedures, one 45 min session to begin painting, and perhaps another one to finish, depending on the group. Child Objectives: Complete one impasto painting. Identify impasto pai...[Read More]


The third acrylics class was just like a food network show. We gathered round to see the making of modeling paste “recipes,” then we saw an impasto demonstration, and then it was time for us to try it for ourselves. Impasto is the application of thick paint to a surface. This can be done in a variety of ways with acrylic, thanks to the many applications of this medium and  to all of the additives in the market. We worked from simple references, mixing colors first on the palette, then applying the thick paste with a palette knife onto primed cardboard. People like impasto because it visually reminds viewers of the very physical nature of paint while simultaneously creating an illusion. It gives you the opportunity to work with paint that is easier to control. Application with a...[Read More]