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Thinking About Color

“I just start painting very excitedly and the last thing I think about is my palette. Most of the time, composition keep me so busy I completely forget about color.” “I feel like an outsider during visits to the art store. I must be the only person in the universe that does not know what colors to buy!” “My palette is so garish. Everything looks fine in the beginning but when I finish I see my colors are too bright for my taste.” Color is one of the dimensions of design that seems the most inscrutable. While almost everyone can appreciate size, texture and contrast, color perception is highly individual. To complicate matters, as humans we have developed a series of terms to discuss color that vary enormously from person to person. Then there’s col...Read More

Choosing And Mixing Color Resources

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Choosing and Mixing Color

My popular eight-week class on the deliberate, mindful use of color in painting. Use the media of your preference and spend time in class painting, applying the concepts you’ll be learning. Take home color theory exercises designed to help you keep your color options open as your painting progresses. All students have access to the student-only part of this website, full of additional resources. $200 for six 3 hr sessions. Summary The focus of this class is on the application of color knowledge to the work you already do. While color theory might be mentioned, it will be more important to achieve clarity on the role color plays in your work, and on how to use it to deliver the message you find most important. Format Introduction to the concept, and short exercise in the first 1.5 hou...Read More


Cal Create Feb 14, Feb 28, March 7 and March 21 at UCB A warm welcome to all my 15 mentees from CalCreate! I made a portal to all the resources I have curated for this program. Landscape Plein Air at the Richmond Art Center Wednesdays, 12-3 pm at various locations This Spring, spend time painting au plein air at several beautiful great East Bay outdoor locations. Whether you are a beginner or a more advanced painting student, you’ll enjoy discovering beginner-friendly painting spots, and improving your technique in the company of new friends. You’ll receive support through the difficulties of painting outdoors. Read More Finding Your Painting Voice Class at Rebeca’s Studio One Sunday a Month, 10-1 pm You’ve done the workshops, bought the books and seen the demos, an...Read More