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Planning How should I budget for these classes? Choose lessons that rely on disposable or recyclable materials and save your $ for what you cannot avoid obtaining by any other means. I will also buy materials, if it will save me a considerable amount of time or if it will keep kids from fighting. Some materials can be shared, and others should not. I go to the dollar store in Berkeley and SCRAP in San Francisco. I visit the garage sales I see on Nextdoor, and I use social media to ask my friends for donations. I plan most lessons around natural, freely available materials such as sea glass and eucalyptus seeds. I want to reuse art supplies to make multiple projects and avoid waste.  This noble goal is beyond the scope of this Q and A, but if you have already chosen the type of lesson you w...[Read More]

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Hello Cal Create students! This page lists of the materials I will mention during our sessions. This year we have also compiled a list of children’s literature with a focus on social justice that you can either check out (if available) from CalCreate, or borrow from the library. Lesson 1: Impasto Lesson 2: Gel Prints Lesson 3: Mosaic Lesson 4: Sculpture Key ideas to improve your classroom management for art: Five Great Principles, and Answers to Your Questions. Jessica from the Art of Education has some great attention getters for the art classroom. The Art of Ed also has exit slip examples for all ages! Here is a PDF for teens and adults you can use right away: Exit.Slip.