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Plein Air Wednesdays Session 1

Topics Get to know each other, review of materials, supplies and gear. Goals for the class. How to find a good spot and begin a plein air painting. Directions To Arlington Blvd If coming from highway 80, go up Solano to Arlington Blvd and turn left. Or take the Central Ave exit, go up Central and turn left on Ashbury until you hit Moeser, then go up the scary hill and turn right on Arlington Ave. If you are coming from El Sobrante, Richmond or El Cerrito, just take Arlington Blvd and turn right at Rincon Road. From Berkeley, take Arlington Blvd from Marin and turn left on Rincon. How To Find The Blake Garden Parking Lot Watch carefully for the inconspicuous entrance and sign on Rincon Rd. park in their parking lot, which is next to a convent, then find your way to the reflecting pool, wher...Read More

Plein Air Wednesdays Session 6

Topic The role of values in a landscape Directions To Meeker Slough Take 580 towards the San Rafael Bridge. Get off on Marina Bay Parkway. Cross Regatta Blvd and continue through the Marina Bay development. Turn left onto Bayside Dr. Our meeting location is the round end of Bayside Dr, where there are approximately ten parking spaces for visitors of the Marina Bay development. Park there, or if this small lot is full, park along Bayside. We will walk together to Meeker Slough. Important Note Please keep in mind that the address is for the house closest to the parking lot where we will meet and that GPS will take you elsewhere if you follow the GPS alone. Follow the written instructions once you get to Richmond, and you will find the parking lot very easily. The closest bathrooms are locate...Read More

Cal Create Lesson 4: Sculpture

Printable Version Introduction  Not all of our lessons have to be two-dimensional. Found object sculpture gets your students to “tinker” with discarded small objects until visual ideas arise. You play the role of facilitator and cutting expert. Artists Louise Nevelson and Jerry R Barrish have each made a career out of creating sculpture with found objects. Duration for Adults: Several sessions (2-4), depending on available time. Adult Objectives: Complete a recognizable sculpture with found objects. Duration for Teens: Two to six sessions, depending on the degree of “finish” the students want. Teen Objectives: Complete a recognizable sculpture with found objects. Duration for Children: At minimum, needs to last three to six sessions. Child Objectives: Complete a rec...Read More

Cal Create Lesson 3: Mosaic

Printable Version Introduction  Mosaic is a tremendously versatile medium. There is no need to have drawing or artistic ability to enjoy it. Several other disciplines can be integrated to mosaic, most notably math and geometry. Local artist Daud Abdullah recognized this appeal and has been teaching the medium to many in the Oakland and Richmond communities. African American painter Jack Whitten used acrylic pieces he made himself to create paintings reminiscent of the mosaics he had seen in Greece. Duration for Adults: One or several sessions depending on available time. Adult Objectives: Make a plan for a small mosaic prior to working on a piece. Duration for Teens: One or two sessions. Teen Objectives: Complete a small free-form or planned mosaic during class. Duration for Children: This...Read More