Plein Air at Fleming Point, Albany

About Fleming Point
Unobstructed views of Albany Bulb and of Albany hill to the north, and of the Golden Gate Fields racetrack’s hill to the south. To the west you’ll be able to see San Francisco, Marin County and Tiburon. A great place to paint the beach, the bay, and sweeping views of Albany itself. There are no bathrooms and there is no shade at this beach, so be sure to bring something for shade that can withstand the wind at this location. If setting your easel at the beach itself, note that the ground is uneven. Wear closed, sturdy shoes to protect your feet from sharp objects. Fleming Point has an interesting history as the site of the garbage wars of the turn of the century.

Avoid the Buchanan Route
The map displayed on this page only shows the closest address, which is the racetrack address. It is best not to search on Google for Fleming Point because you will be directed to the Buchanan exit as if you were going to the Albany Bulb. The problem with that route is that parking is very limited on weekdays due to the large number of people who visit the Albany Bulb. Depending on which day it is, you might wait as much as 20 min for a parking spot. Even if you found a parking spot quickly, you will have to walk half a mile from the Albany Bulb to our painting location at Fleming Point, which is why it is best to get to it through the Gilman exit.

Directions Through Gilman
On highway 80, get off at the Gilman exit but head west towards the bay. You will see the Tom Bates sports complex to your left some of the racetrack barracks to your right. Make a right when Gilman ends and you see the bay right in front of you. You will now be driving with the barracks to your right and the bay to your left. You will see the hill and the racetrack ahead of you. Stay to the left side of the road as you go up the hill. There is a guard’s kiosk but no one should say anything to you on a weekday. Stay to the left and drive on the outer edge of the medium-sized parking  on top of the hill. You will see the very large parking lots at the bottom of the hill as you descend and the small sandy beach behind the racetrack, before Albany Bulb named Fleming Point. Park next to the beach and look for my truck.