Plein Air Wednesdays Session 4

Topic  Selecting pigments for a Bay Area landscape. Limited palettes. About Point Molate Beach Park Point Molate Beach Park was recently restored by the City of Richmond. It sits in a contested area, across the street where a proposed development would bring hundreds of apartment units. There is ample parking but no bathrooms. If you really need to pee, there are secluded areas. Just bring your own TP. Directions to Point Molate Beach Park Take 580 towards San Rafael but get off at the last exit before the bridge on Stenmark Dr. Proceed through Stenmark Dr being careful to stay left of a fork you will soon run into after the ramp. After that you will pass what looks like abandoned buildings. This is Winehaven, a wine bottling plant from the turn of the 20th century. Continue on past Castro...[Read More]

Plein Air Wednesdays Session 3

Topic  How to begin a landscape painting, part 2. Editing elements out. About Crest Ave The Crest Avenue trailhead is located in Point Richmond, midway up a gorgeous hill that affords a 360 degree view of the industrial parts of Richmond, Miller Knox Park, Ferry Point, Albany, Berkeley and the bay. The trailhead curves as it goes up and there are paintable views all long. You will be able to park pretty close to the trailhead, but there is room for about ten cars. Please be mindful of this and park close to the others. It is a breezy to windy location. Please come dressed with this in mind and bring bungee cords and stakes if you have them. Alternatively, you may bring plastic bags to tie to your easel to hold it down. Directions to Crest Ave From Berkeley, take 580 towards Marin and get o...[Read More]

Plein Air at the Blake Garden

Topics Get to know each other, review of materials, supplies and gear. Goals for the class. How to find a good spot and begin a plein air painting. How to Get To The Blake Garden at 70 Rincon Rd, Kensington, CA and Avoid the Very Steep Streets Leading Directly To It: From Berkeley, Emeryville, Oakland, SF and San Leandro: Take 80 and get off on Buchanan, which turns into Marin. Cross San Pablo Ave and continue going up until you hit The Fountain at The Circle. Go around and enter Arlington Blvd. Once you pass Kenyon Ave, watch for the Kensington Public Library to your right. Make a left on Rincon and go all the way, almost to the end where you will see a wall with the very discrete garden’s entrance.   From Richmond, El Cerrito, San Pablo, Pinole El Sobrante: Get to San Pablo Av...[Read More]

Plein Air Wednesdays Session 2

Topics Foreground, middle ground, background. Please Read Carefully If You Have Been To Point Pinole Regional Shoreline Park Point Pinole Regional Shoreline Park now has two entrances. We are not going to the Giant Road entrance. We are going to the Atlas Rd entrance. On highway 80, take the Richmond Parkway exit west. Cross San Pablo Ave and make a right on Atlas Rd. Continue past the UPS headquarters and the entrance to the Point Pinole Business Park (with a fountain) all the way to the end of Atlas. You will cross a bridge, and see the Atlas Rd staging area. We will meet at this parking lot and decide whether people want to walk 5 min to the beach with its orange grasses or stay near the lot with views of eucalyptus groves and rolling yellow grass. There is plenty of parking and bathroo...[Read More]

East Bay Landscape Show

Beginning July 3rd, I will be showing a selection of my oil and acrylic landscapes featuring our East Bay coastline. They are closed on Wednesdays, Sundays, and on Saturday mornings. Please check their hours before you go.

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