Fundamental Drawing

Drawing of a man sitting

You can still see evidence of all the measuring involved in this realist figure drawing of a model.

This class will introduce drawing beginners to concepts and techniques artists use to draw realistically. Gain confidence in your art-making by sharpening your drawing skills with charcoal, graphite or ink. Learn various approaches to drawing and expand your strategy repertoire. Whether you are a stark beginner or a person returning to art after a few years doing something else, this class is sure to leave you excited about drawing, more confident and with a repertoire of strategies to help you tackle difficult subjects.

The class is on Monday evenings. Short demos covering the basics of drawing and drawing media are followed by individual instruction at your level. Study line, shape, perspective, composition, volume and value while you draw still lives and other intriguing subjects (outdoor, the figure, fantasy). Optional at-home assignments are included as well as various other resources, sent in a weekly email.

Do not register on this website, because Fundamental Drawing is part of the Richmond Art Center’s Studio Program.  Go to the RAC site instead as I was told this class is very popular.

This is a rough outline of the class:

Sept 17, Session 1 –  Learning About the Class
Basic materials and paper. Contour warm-ups. Centering your drawing. Drawing using line with a “blinder”

Sept 24 No Class

Oct 1 Session 2 – Your Observational Skills
Short term memory. Check what you think you see. Positive and negative space.

Oct 8 Session 3 – The Space Filled By Objects
Basic shapes, planes, surfaces, gravity.

Oct 15 Session 4 – Composition
Planning your drawing. Using viewfinders. Editing what you see.

Oct 22 Session 5 – Rendering Volume
Greyscale and gradations. Light and contrast.

Oct 29 Session 6 – Texture
Reflections, patterns, transparency and surface treatments.

Nov 5 Session 7 – Perspective
One and two point perspective. Foreshortening.

Nov 6 Session 8 – Proportions and Relationships
The human head.