Finding Your Painting Voice

Two students drawing a skull at a table

Adults appreciate setting their own goals and pursuing them at their own pace.

You’ve done the workshops, bought the books and seen the demos, and now you’re ready for the next stage! For my students this means interacting with a practicing artist to get answers to many types of questions as well as support through the difficult tasks involved in the business of painting.

Summary: This coaching class takes place once a month, with 1-2 other students. You get one hour with me, focused on you and your painting needs, in the media you choose. We discuss the work you’ve done at home during the time between classes. You will receive as much or as little support as you specify. The presence of other congenial students help us maintain the supportive environment that is so important for your development as an artist, and helps you stay accountable to this small community.

Format: Our first session will be spent talking with me about what you want to accomplish as a painter. I use that in the next sessions to craft anything from in-class exercises, meaningful painting assignments that lead you to discover more about yourself as a painter, or questions I will use to get you to expand your repertoire, increase your skills, and realize your untapped potential as a visual artist.

Finding Your Painting Voice is a monthly, 3 hr class for three students who set their own dates after looking at my calendar. To avoid cancellations, it is best to contact each other via email to agree on dates at least six weeks prior to each class. Months can be skipped by letting me know 30 days in advance, if all three students are in agreement.

Rescheduling: If the student canceling can book another date within the same month that works for all three students, the canceling student receives a full refund on the day of class. If no good date for all students can be found within the same month, a) two classes will have to be scheduled the following month, or b) the class will continue with two students as originally scheduled, but the canceling student will not receive a refund.