Choosing and Mixing Color

Saturday, Dec 2 - Jan 20

Pattern showing many possible combinations of blue, yellow and white.

These are colors that lie next to each other on the color wheel.

My popular eight-week class on the deliberate, mindful use of color in painting begins Sept 19 from 1-4 pm. We’ll focus on the application of color knowledge to the work you already do. Use the media of your preference and spend time in class painting and applying the concepts you’ll be learning. Take home color theory exercises designed to teach you about color through experience, not theory. Learn to keep your color options open as your painting progresses. Achieve clarity on the role color plays in your painting or illustration projects.

Introduction to the concept, and short exercise in the first 1.5 hours. Painting – independent application of the concept in the next 1.5 hours. During this time, students are encouraged to pose color challenges for their own work and with the help of their instructor, arrive at multiple strategies to use. Optional homework will be assigned on some weeks.

Do not register on this website, because Choosing and Mixing Color is part of the Richmond Art Center’s Studio Program.  Go to the RAC site instead and register after July 31. The RAC asks that you please register before the first class on Sept 19.

Session 1 – Sept 19
Introductions. Goals for this class. Discussion of personal goals. Review of materials and supplies. The nature and quality of seven basic pigments. Warm and cold colors.

Sept 26 – No Class

Session 2 – Oct 3
Making secondaries, chromatic blacks and greys with synthetic and natural hues.

Session 3 – Oct 10
Mixing browns and flesh tones. Purple, violet, pink and lavender.

Session 4 – Oct 17
The important role of muted colors. How to mute saturated colors. Tints and shades for creating space and aerial perspective.

Session 5 – Oct 24
Limited palettes for simplicity, unity and easy color matching.

Session 6 – Oct 31
Conveying various moods through color harmonies.

Session 7 – Nov 7
Achieving colors with glazes in watercolor, oil and acrylic.

Session 8 – Nov 14
Light and shadow through the skillful use of color.

Nov 21 – Please reserve this day for a potential make-up session in case I get sick and cannot teach a class.